Ore Mountains – Frauenstein

The Ore Mountains are recognized as one of the most beautiful hiking regions in Germany. Both body and soul regenerate here, relaxation is guaranteed! Take a diverse tour through rustic valleys and lush meadows for example. The climb to the summits of The Ore Mountains is rewarded with fantastic panoramic views onto idyllic landscapes.

Hiking is a very diverse recreational activity and offers a profound zest for life. Hiking is universal. Whether you choose a little walk or a more difficult hike up the mountains, there is a suitable option for everybody. Our hiking trail expert Reiner Hengst offers hiking trail recommendations for almost 500 kilometers.

Apart from themed walking tours, we also offer:

Historical city tours

Herbal walks

Tours of the fortress

Guided hikes



This small almost 800 years old little town in The Ore Mountains is situated 650 meters above sea level in the eastern Ore Mountains. It’s old German name ‘Vrounsten’ was mentioned in a document for the first time in 1208. Already in 1411 Heinrich von Meißen awarded Frauenstein with it’s town charter. The town’s landmark is the well recognizable ruin of the fortress which was built around 1200 and marked the boarder between the county Meißen and the kingdom of Bohemia. Parts of the original fortress were destroyed during a disastrous city fire in 1728. Nowadays it can be visited as the biggest castle ruin of Saxony. The town is surrounded by wonderful woods, most suitable for peaceful walks and hikes in a lovely scenery. Also near by are three dams and the four valleys ‘An der Wilden Weißeritz, Bobritzsch, Gimmlitz and Freiberger Mulde’. The so called Valley of the Mills, the Glimmlitztal,  and it’s extraordinary hiking region are at the doorsteps of our town. In earlier times this valley had 16 operating mills. Some of them were turned into museums and can still be visited.


It is our pleasure to offer you customized quotes according to your personal preferences and wishes:

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Hiking Weeks ‘Echt Erzgebirge’

The Hiking Weeks ‘Echt Erzgebirge'(translates to ‘The true Ore Mountains’) offer you the special experience of hiking with local hiking enthusiasts who introduce you to their personal view of the homeland. The tours are held each year between the 3rd Saturday and 4th Sunday of May and between the 3rd Saturday and 4th Sunday of September.

All tours begin at 9.30am

All tours are guided

All tours are circular hikes

All tours are free of cost, tips are welcome

Food and drinks are not provided




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